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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Effect of light curtailment on growth, biochemical response and essential oil content of rose scented geranium

Pages : 322-326

Author : Vijay Kumar, Y, Swamy, K.N, Vardhini B.V, and Rao, S.S.R

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The impact of various shades (sun light curtailment) on growth and yield parameters on geranium plant in the field were studied. Growth parameters like plant height, leaf area, biomass, biochemical parameters, herbage yield, oil percentage and oil quality were analyzed. Overall growth, biochemical parameters, herb yield and oil quantity were found increased at 75% level of solar radiation. The remaining solar radiation levels were less than 75% and some of these were more than control.

Keywords: Geranium, growth, essential oil, solar radiation.




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