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Article Published In Vol.8 (Sept-Oct 2020)

Efficacy of Seventh Sense Hypnotherapy during COVID 19 times: A Mental Health Case Report

Pages : 730-733, DOI:

Author : Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Dr. Vikas Sharma and Dr. Amita Puri

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Mental health has become an important concern these days especially in the times of covid 19 pandemic. Old cases of mental health issues have suffered a relapse and have reasons to emerge once again as mental demons in today’s unpredictable, uncertain scenario/. This is the time for mental health professionals to really come forward and take on this gigantic task of reaching out to the common man and hand hold them to health and happiness. The moot question is – is it possible? The present article suggests that it is very much possible. Developing the insight of seventh sense within the individual makes sense in the present-day dynamic world. Things may not come back to normal very soon but the process of healing, rehabilitating the senses with the power of optimism may be done within the safety of one’s homes and this is where the efficacy of tele health services assume significance.

Keywords: COVID 19 pandemic, optimism attitude model, seventh sense hypnotherapy, depression, mental health



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