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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Elaboration and X-Ray Diffraction Techniques Characterization of clay-PEG 6000 Nanocomposites with clay Matrix

Pages : 564-571

Author : Iatimad AKHRIF, Laila MESRAR, Mostapha EL JAI, Mabrouk BENHAMOU, Raouf JABRANE

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The aim of this experimental study is the elaboration of a low cost nanocomposite based on a natural clay (marl) and ecological polymer, in order to valorize the physical properties of the marls. Such a new nanocomposite is made of a clay matrix with inclusion of Polyethylene Glycol 6000 (PEG 6000), as reinforcement agent. We are focused on the study of the physical properties of the elaborated material. The use of X-Rays Diffraction (XRD) techniques enables us to measure an important parameter, which is the inter-sheet distance, d001, for each crystalline phases (Kaolinite and Illite) that are present in the clay, for various PEG 6000 percentages.

Keywords: Clay matrix, Poly(ethylene Glycol) 6000, Intercalation, X-ray Diffraction characterization, Dry/grinding mixing, Humid mixing, Polytron device




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