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Article Published In Vol.8 (Sept-Oct 2020)

Employee Communication and Curriculum Delivery in Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions in North Rift Region, Kenya

Pages : 739-746, DOI:

Author : Korir, C. B., Lelan, J.K., Kosgey, Z. and Wamutoro,M.

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Graduates from the TVET institutions have suffered low level of skills incompatible with industrial demands owing to questionable curriculum delivery. Besides lack of efficient communication has been decried as one of the road blocks to quality commitment and enforcement of TQM in education thus compromising on curriculum delivery. However limited studies related employee communication and curricullum delivery in TVET institutions in the Kenyan context. In this regard the purpose of this study was to assess the extent to which employee communication influences curriculum delivery. This research adopted a mixed methodology and sequential explanatory research design. The study targeted all teaching staff of TVET institutions with an accessible population of 735 respondents. Structured questionnaire and unstructured interview guide were used to collect primary data. Data analysis was done using descriptive and inferential statistics using (SPSS) version 25. Qualitative data was transcribed, thematically, classified and arranged before being reported in narrations and quotations. From the study findings, employee communication explained 77.2% percent variation (R2= 0.772) in predicting curriculum delivery at 5% level of significance. In conclusion employee communication significantly influence curriculum delivery. The study recommended that top management of TVET institutions should make employee communication easy and multi-direction. The findings of this study could provide government with information that can be used for policy development, which enhances the improvement and consistent focus on employee communication in the TVET sector.

Keywords: Employees’ Communication and Curriculum Delivery



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