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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Evaluation of Computer usage in Teaching Arabic Language

Pages : 740-747

Author : Prof. Dr. Abdelrahman Kamel Abdelrahman Mahmoud

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This study used two survey instruments to investigate the status of computer usage in public and secondary schools in the five cities of Fayoum government (Etsa ,Tamia, Senaores, Abshaway and Fayoum . The sample of the study consisted of 700 male and female students who were selected in a stratified random way, and all 48 male and female teachers. To find the reliability of the questionnaires, the Cronbach Alpha co-efficient was computed and found to be 0.70 and 0.73 respectively. The study pointed out that there was a list of linguistic advantages of computer usage in teaching Arabic Language. There were some negative and positive aspects that affect the use of computers in the schools. The major negative aspects found to be: weakness in the textbook used, unsuitability of software used, deficiency in teachers’ educational competencies, shortages of computers, and software used not updated. Based on the findings of this study, some recommendations were drawn for decision- makers at the Ministry of Education such as: providing schools with additional computers to cover the actual needs of the students; some modifications in the textbook and software used should take place; and in-service programs should be offered. It is hoped that the findings of this study might provide comprehensive and initial database for computer usage in Egypt. This may enable decision- makers in the Ministry of Education to take accurate and effective decisions. Findings might reveal the deterrents affecting the use of computers in schools and serve as guidelines for further studies to evaluate the extent of the success of the Ministry of Education in implementing the recommendations of the Educational Development Conference relating to the integration of computers into public schools

Keywords: Arabic Language etc.





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