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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Evaluation of Leptin Hormone and Interlukin-18 levels in Patients with Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Pages : 413-417, DOI:

Author : Yasir Lafta Hassoun, Sami Raheem Al-Katib and Nagham Yehia Ghafel

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Background: Seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) is a familiar type of allergic rhinitis. It occurrs in a specific season when allergens “usually pollens” come directly in contact with nasal mucosa to cause IgE-sensitization in the early immune response stage. Profuse watery secretion, sneezing and itching are common symptoms involved in SAR. The recruitment and production of inflammatory macrophage and T cells- IL-18 and other cytokines are incorporated in delayed stage reaction. A pro-inflammatory adipose tissue adipokine-leptin is a strong stimulator for IL-18 secretion in female than male; IL-18 has an enormous inflammatory role by aggravating symptoms’ severity during SAR.
Study design: A cross- sectional study.
Aims: To evaluate serum level of inflammatory leptin and its effect on IL-18 production, its level with IL-18 through SAR in comparison with perennial allergic rhinitis PAR, and to compare their values between male and female through SAR.
Method: One-hundred outpatients with SAR presented to the ENT-clinic with seasonal allergic rhinitis. Serum level of leptin, IL-18 and IgE antibody were examined by using ELISA-kit apparatus.
Results and discussion: There were significant differences in serum concentration of leptin for female as compared with male; there was an elevated IL-18 in proportion to leptin level which is an indicator for its secretion in female than male, there was significant differences in serum IL-18 in SAR as compared with perennial allergic rhinitis.
Conclusion: The serum level of leptin is an inducer for IL-18 production in female compared with male; high serum level of IL-18 through SAR might aggravate harshness of symptoms in certain season and these inflammatory markers could be useful as routine tests in assessing SAR.

Keywords: Seasonal allergic rhinitis, pollen, leptin, inflammatory cytokine-IL18, IgE, female



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