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Article Published In Vol.8 (May-June 2020)

Extent of use of Assistive Technology to Improve Primary School Pupils English Studies in Inclusive Classrooms: Nigeria Experience

Pages : 433-437, DOI:

Author : Dr. Ikwuka, Obiageli Ifeoma (PhD), Dr. Obumneke-Okeke, Ifeoma Mabel (PhD), Okoye, Chinyere Celina, Adigwe, Joseph Eluemunor

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Education in developing countries faces many obstacles in the process of implementing inclusive education. Assistive technology is very important to the development of a child and goes a long way to facilitate learning effectiveness. The study examined the extent of use of assistive technology for primary school pupils in inclusive English studies classroom in Awka South local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. The study was guided by two research questions. Descriptive survey design was adopted. A sample size of 240 pupils was randomly selected through balloting without replacement from a population of 1,442. 18 items Four point scale questionnaire was used for data collection and the reliability coefficient yielded 0.74 using Cronbach Alpha. The researchers administered the instrument using direct delivery method. Data were analyzed using mean. Findings reveal that extent of use of assistive technology for reading among pupils in inclusive English studies classroom is low while its usage in writing is high. It was recommended amongst others that the State Ministry of Education should recognize the potentials of assistive technology in supporting English education for pupils in inclusive classroom.

Keywords: Extent, Assistive, Technology, Primary, English, Inclusive, Classroom, Education



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