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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Face Recognition using Line Edge Map

Pages : 59-61

Author : Vipin Kumar and Mohit Mehta

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As technology is advancing, the demand of face recognition is increasing day by day. In past years, many researchers had introduced different techniques and different algorithms for accurate and reliable face recognition. But so far no system / technique exists which has shown satisfactory results in all circumstances. There are some conditions where more chances of error occurs, like varying pose, different light conditions and different facial expressions. So to improve the results in these conditions, a proposed concept of an improved Line Edge Map (LEM) using Matlab has introduced and compared the results with famous recognition technique “eigenface” and with the earlier results of LEM using different algorithm. As stated above we are proposing this technique with using Matlab software, because of the ease of editing and understanding the programming of Matlab the applications of this technique is more. And as the name stated of this technique, it totally works on lines, so its processing is very fast and it also take very less memory to store databases.

Keywords: Face recognition, Techniques, Algorithm, Conditions, Line edge map, Matlab software, Applications, Fast,lessmemory







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