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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

Facebook Effect on Academic Performance and Social Life for Undergraduate Students of University of Human Developments

Pages : 811-820

Author : Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb and Hawar Othman Sharif

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The point of this paper is to look at the of Facebook use among college understudies and take some example in college of Human Development, and its effect on their scholastic execution and social life. Likewise, this paper delineates climate Facebook utilization have a positive or negative impact on their scholarly execution and social life. A study was intended for gathering information from few sample 110 college understudies in college on Human Development as straightforward dataset however we concentrate on a few social network report software for our outcomes. The aftereffect of overview demonstrates that the understudies that have less time spending on Facebook will lead expanded their evaluations. One of the fundamental discoveries is that there was a huge relationship between social life issues and Facebook utilization. Additionally, the review uncovered how long the understudy will spend on Facebook every day and tries to support the negative relationship between time spent on Facebook and the execution of college understudies. At last, this paper tries to give some recommendation to these understudies for tackling the scholastic execution and social life issues. According to our outcomes, Social Influence is the most essential component in foreseeing the selection of Facebook; understudies are affected to embrace it to set up or keep up contact with other individuals with whom they share intrigues. With respect to purposes of Facebook utilization, Social Relations is seen as the most imperative element among the greater part of the reasons gathered. Our discoveries likewise uncovered that the instructive utilization of Facebook is clarified straightforwardly by its reasons of use and by implication by its reception.

Keywords: lateral Academic performance, Facebook usage, social life, etc




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