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Article Published In Vol.6 (March-April-2018)

Factors associated with Alcohol consumption among University Learners

Pages : 273-282, DOI:

Author : Dr. Aparna Kadiyala

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The aim of the present empirical study investigates factors associated with alcohol consumption among Botho University learners. A questionnaire on factors associated with alcohol consumption was administered to collect data from learners across various disciplines. A simple random sampling method was used to select a sample of 236 students. To analyse alcohol consumption patterns and reasons for consumption among learners, percentages were used. The results indicated that most learners who belong to the category of male, aged between 17-20 years, living with parents showing light, moderate and heavy alcohol consumption patterns. Learners who belong to the category of parents with less education, low family income, studying accounts and health information management, and female learners’ show non- alcohol consumption patterns. The inferential statistics, Chi- square shows that there is association between alcohol consumption and gender, subject specialization, year of study, family income and awareness on health risks. The Fisher’s Exact test shows there is association between living status and parental educational qualification. The suggestions made to include health topics that enhance in depth understanding on risks associated with alcohol and recommendations for further research is made based on findings.

Keywords: Alcohol consumption, Alcohol drinking /consumption patterns, Gender, Age, Subject specialization, Educational qualifications, Family income, Health risks, Social risks



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