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Article Published In Vol.5 (Sept-Oct-2017)

Field performance evaluation of two potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars propagated In Vitro

Pages : 1154-1157

Author : Al-Ani .M.A. R.;Abdulmajeed.W.A.; El-Kaaby.E.A.J.;Ibrahim.A.M.; Naser.F.; Redha.A.; Ahmed.M. and Abdalzahra.S.

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A comparison study of field performances between two potato cultivars namely Emma and Burren propagated In Vitro . Results revealed that significant differences were found in most of traits. In general, at first planting date Burren produced maximum average weight of minitubers reached (21.21 g) as compared to (1.77 g) for Emma cultivar. Moreover, earlier planting date (P1) had higher plant height, Shoots fresh, dry weight and number of leaves. plant-1 which reached 25.99 cm, 6.55 g, 0.50 g and 22.16 respectively. In case of yield traits, no significant differences were found between Burren and Emma in related to the number of minitubers while highest weight and tuber diameter were found in Burren as compared to Emma.

Keywords: Minituber, In Vitro, true seed, field performance, plantlet



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