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Article Published In Vol.8 (July-Aug 2020)

Fuzzy based efficient Cosmetology Paradigm

Pages : 513-520, DOI:

Author : Shahzad Ashraf, Durr Muhammad, Muhammad A. Khan and Tauqeer Ahmed

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Now a days a computerized consumer behavior is being practice to get maximum efficient results in the context of a globalized market. More attention is paid to the consumption of manufactured goods and everyday items. Much less attention is paid to the service sector, in particular medical, recreational and physical. There is also a lack of application of mathematically grounded, computer methods and models for such modeling. We propose modeling the behavior of consumers of aesthetic cosmetology services as tasks of multi-criteria decision making on a variety of alternatives. The approach to the estimation of cosmetology service by clients based on fuzzy modeling is described. Specific features of cosmetology services, marketing, communication components are determined. The main consumer criteria for assessing cosmetology services are used. A computer model in the Fuzzy Tech, specialized software product for computer fuzzy modeling, was constructed. Integrated assessments for cosmetic institutions in Kharkiv have been calculated. The results are analyzed and recommendations for improving the quality of cosmetology service, websites of cosmetology institutions, are suggested. The principles of the proposed approach, the described fuzzy model and its computer implementation can be applied to a wide range of tasks of multi criteria assessment of customer service in various social fields – retail stores, medicine, culture, health, physical educationand training, public catering, other household and domestic services.

Keywords: Computer modeling, fuzzy logic, consumer behaviour



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