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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

Gender Differences in Spiritual Personality

Pages : 719-722

Author : Dr. Nadeem Luqman , Dr. Amita Puri & Dr. Kamini.C.Tanwar

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In the present era of stress and strains, it is very important to keep one’s spiritual side strong and steady to be able to sustain oneself in the present scenario of cut throat competition, work pressures of pressures to perform in the given deadlines even at the cost of compromising on one’s principles and ethical considerations. And all this in the name of that elusive dame named success. Excellence may not be the motive of today’s generation but success is and at any cost. Literature reviews indicate that spiritual strength in personality is related to one’s self esteem, locus of control and perceived success. Men and women differ in many of the psychological constructs in various ways. In this study an attempt was made to find out gender differences in the spiritual personality. Results seem to be interesting and it is concluded that there exist gender differences in personality which account for the differences in their socialization process too.

Keywords: Spirituality, gender, personality, socialisation




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