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Article Published In Vol.2 (Sept-Oct-2014)

Generation of Electrical Power through Foot steps

Pages : 961-964

Author : K.Ramakrishna, Guruswamy Revana and Venu Madhav Gopaka

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Even if the planet doubled the amount of solar and wind power available tomorrow, there would still be a shortage of clean electricity. We need to grab energy from wherever we can find it, which is why piezoelectricity the charge that gathers in solid materials like crystal and ceramic in response to strain has recently begun to pique the interest of entrepreneurs and scientists alike. One of the most popular uses for piezoelectricity in the past few years relies on roads and sidewalks. The present project deals with the generation of electricity through traffic pressure by placing piezoelectric generators on the roads the axial load of the traffic pressure deforms the generator and thus produces the electric energy as an output, this output may use for the street lighting, and many more aspects.

Keywords: Piezoelectricity, Foot steps, Electrical power






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