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Article Published In Vol.5 (March-April-2017)

Genetics and Molecular Biology Techniques Applications in Forensic Dentistry-A Review

Pages : 315-319

Author : Moumita Sinha and I. Arjun Rao

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Forensic skills are regularly utilized as a part of various criminal examination and medico-legal area, for example, blood classification, anthropological investigations and legal dentistry (dental records, X-rays, bite marks) unravelled and will keep solving numerous criminal offences. In any case, since the advancement of molecular biology techniques there were an expansion in number and nature of solved cases. The present work indicates the significant role of forensic methods over the conventional techniques in human identification particularly with forensic dentistry. It likewise demonstrates that in a few circumstances, teeth are a critical source to molecular genetic studies. After a detailed review of scientific literatures it was inferred that it is required to understand the molecular biological and genetic techniques before employing with customary examination strategies, this hidden depth would deliver an expansion of data to Justice delivery system.

Keywords: Forensic dentistry, forensic anthropology, molecular biology, forensic identification



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