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Article Published In Vol.9 (May-June 2021)

GIS, Remote Sensing and Analytical Hierarchy Process-Based Identification of Groundwater Potential Zones in Mokolo, Northern Cameroon

Pages : 224-232, DOI:

Author : Tsaffo Mbognou Marlene Huguette, Assomo Ngono Gaëlle Sandra and Fossi Donald Hermann

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In order to identify groundwater potential zones in Mokolo, northern Cameroon, six site-specific groundwater factors in the watershed were assigned weights through Analytical Hierarchy Process. The weighted factors were integrated in GIS environment to outline groundwater potential zones. GWPZ range between 2.02 and 4.20 and have been graded into three categories of GWPZ; low (212.55 km2), medium (1451.96km2) and high (100.88 km2) and covered 12.04, 82.24 and 5.71 per cent respectively.  High GWPZ concern the flat terrain of the study area with slope gradients ranging from 0 to 7.59° and covered the largest surface area. Some areas of the hilly terrain with high drainage and lineament density were also included in the high GWPZ.

Keywords: Groundwater, AHP, GIS, Mokolo Area, Cameroon



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