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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Hardness of AL-6063 Thixoformed at Different Temperatures

Pages : 408-411

Author : Kushdeep and R.P Singh

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The Thixoforming process is a new method for manufacturing complicated and net shape component through which high strength materials can be formed more easily. The high mechanical, geometric and surface quality of components produced through Thixoforming can justify the removal of additional production processes such as machining steps and the need for reinforcing inserts. In this study Al alloy 6063 which has low extrude ability has been thixoformed by the extrusion process. In this research the effect of Thixoforming with one step, three step induction heating regimes for the temperature range (540 to 580°C) at same die material and same ram speed were investigated. It was found that the mean value of Rockwell hardness of Al- 6063 alloy at 545°C was found 9 HRC and at 560°C was 8 HRC. Also the mean value of Brinell hardness of Al- 6063 alloy at 545°C was found 88 HBW and at 560°C was 82 HBW.

Keywords: Thixoforming process, Hardness etc




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