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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Historical Geography and Cultural History of the Region Al-Shash in the Work “Mu‘Jam Al-Shuyukh” by Abu Sa‘ad Al-Sam‘ani

Pages : 92-95

Author : Alimov Zukhriddin Isamutdinovich

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This article is dedicated to research of Abu Sa‘ad al-Sam‘ani (12th c. AD)’s “al-Muntakhab min “Mu‘jam al-Shuyukh” (“Selection from “the Collection of Scholars”), in particular, its parts on the historical geography and cultural history of al-Shash region. The book contains valuable information about cities and towns as well as about medieval intellectuals, traditionalists, historians, writers and poets lived in the region of al-Shash during the period of 8th – 12th centuries AD.

Keywords: “Al-Muntakhab min “Mu‘jam al-Shuyukh”, Abu Sa‘ad al-Sam‘ani, Marw, al-Shash, Ilak, Binkat, Bariskat, Ghannadj, Kharashkat, at-Tarsus, Tunkat, al-Ruzbar, faqihs (judges), muhaddiths (narrators), mufassirs (interpreters), mukri’s (recitors).



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