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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Honey Pot Enabled Intrusion Detection System

Pages : 154-158

Author : Sameer

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Intrusion detection system (IDS) is the process of monitoring computers or networks for unauthorized entrance, activity, or file modification. It is hardly difficult to provide secure information systems and to maintain them in such a secure state in their lifetime and utilization as everyday intruders have been increasing whether it was inside or outside. This paper first presents a thorough survey on the field of network intrusion detection and a classification of the systems according to the survey. The most common shortcomings in the existing intrusion detection systems are unknown attacks, false positives and false negatives. We present the design of HPEIDS (Honey Pot Enabled Intrusion Detection System) which solves the problems previously mentioned. Using honey pot with IDS also increases the flexibility and security of IDS. We also present the definition of the honey pot along with the Multi-level log mechanism.

Keywords: IDS etc.



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