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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Impact of BTL Activities on Brand Awareness of Tetra Pack Milk

Pages : 748-751

Author : Zaibunnisa Siddiqi, Sana Sohail, Syed Ghazanfar Ali & Shahzad Nasim

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The primary objective of this research is to understand the importance of BTL marketing practices which has impact on customer brand awareness that leads to enhance the brand equity of a brand. The study was conducted to explore the reasons though which of the BTL activities creates highest brand awareness of tetra pack milk. The research work is quantitative based on questionnaire. The data which is collected for this research is primary source data. Primary data were collected from 107 peoples from different areas of Karachi. Analysis of data was undertaken through statistical software SPSS. Multiple Regressions is used as a tool for this research. The study surveyed two dimensions namely brand awareness, and BTL marketing practices. Only two factors of BTL which are “word of mouth” and “availability” create highest brand awareness of tetra pack milk. Although, the other factors of BTL marketing practices also appears to have low influence on brand awareness of tetra pack milk. Findings of this research are beneficial in exploring the recent market trends on brand awareness and to understand the impact of BTL activities over consumer brand perception through various promotional activities which helps to enhance sales or brand equity. How the companies decide which medium has use to advertise their products and create awareness of their brand. This research will help the “Tetra pack milk industry” as a whole and also help them to increase their marketing activities in an efficient manner.

Keywords: BTL Activities, Tetra Pack Milk etc.





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