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Article Published In Vol.10 (Sept-Oct 2022)

Impact of Domestic Violence on Emotional Development of Children

Pages : 444-448, DOI:

Author : Mehfooz Ahmad and Chetna Jaiswal

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The expression of violence has different consequences and values for the aggressor and the sufferer, although in practical sense expression of violence change and impacts them both. Diverse form of violence or abuse are anticipated during the life time, leaving negative impact on the lives of victims. There are certain families which are highly prone towards the level of violence, determined by the differences of interest, gender, age which causes stress in the environment of family. Psychological and emotional abuse may be prevailing among people who lived in fearful environment viewed that such abuse is much difficult to bear upon as compare to physical abuse. There is large influence of DV and emotional abuse on psychological functioning as well as development of children. Individual child and family characteristics can account for differences in the adjustment of children in dysfunctional family environment. The understanding emotional issues of the children can be useful in providing prevention and early treatment of emotional issues of the children as an outcome of domestic violence.

Key words: violence, emotion, behaviour, children.



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