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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

Impact of population growth on food security in Rwanda, case study of Huye District

Pages : 896-903

Author : Mucumbitsi Joseph, Nyirambabazi Angelique, Musabyumuremyi Celestin, Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid, Tabrez Ahmad and Shafiu Muhammad Tahir

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This Research is about the impact of population growth on food security in rural areas of Rwanda with a case study of Huye District. The study came at time the food insecurity problem in sub-Saharan Africa is associated with a range of issues such as population growth, resource distribution, security, consumption patterns, agricultural production, environmental degradation, socioeconomic status, land ownership rights, HIV/AIDS, and access to credit and health services. The objective of this study was to analyze the impact of population growth on food security in rural areas of Rwanda with specific objectives of assess the extent to which the family size impacts the food security in rural areas, examine the current state of food security within Rwandan population and to find out the government contribution on food security problem.

Keywords: Population, growth, food security, Rwanda, Huye District



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