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Article Published In spl.2006

Impact of Training on Employees’ Performance: A Study of PNB and SBI Banks

Pages : 673-678

Author : Satpal and Dr. M.S. Malik

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Training and development is incredibly vital for ensuring effectiveness of the employees in an organization. The organizations have stretched understood so as to their most precious asset is their human capital where many are convinced for the large investments in employee training and development. This study aims to investigate the significance of training along with development program and its benefits to employees and organization. It focuses on the relative importance of training and development program and their impact on the overall organizational success. To do so, 389 bank employees from PNB and SBI banks in state of Haryana have been interviewed through a structured questionnaire. The sample has taken from the state of Haryana followed by stratified random sampling. The study has found that training and development program increase the skill, ability and intellectuality of the bank employees.

Keywords: Training; Effectiveness; Bank; Human Resource Management and Employee, Organization Performance



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