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Article Published In Vol.6 (Sept-Oct-2018)

Impact of truck art, as popular culture on Pakistani society

Pages : 1061-1070, DOI:

Author : Samina Zia Sheikh

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Several theories directly deal with popular culture rather mass media, though; they both are closely knitted now. Popular culture in Pakistan is well portrayed through moving canvases on roads in form of trucks that also play equal role as mobile billboards. Meanings that from popular culture are taken are well interpreted as available artefacts, films, cloths, records, Television programs, as well as modes of transport. Classification of unlimited that man experiences, sees or takes information from does not have a strict or exclusive definition. Beliefs, practices, traditions, taboos, kinetics, different objects are all essentials of every culture. Truck art as popular culture in Pakistan brings forth an assortment of experiences, expressions, feelings, perceptions, ideologies, faiths through harmonized amalgamation of images, writings as well as three dimensional embellishments and leaves enormous impact on community. Focus of this study is to interpret frequently seen metaphors that have allegoric, emblematic, historic or contemporary significance the way they are communicated through visuals. This study highlights an extensive introduction of an extraordinary art which is an outstanding amalgamation of art and crafts in form of ornamentation and embellishment of heavy vehicles. It also covers the styles and materials used in ornamentation and philosophy that is adopted in various patent schemes and objects. Truck art, as popular culture is an attempt to examine and unlock deeper significance of metaphors that are accepted by people in dissimilar ways. Analysis of frequently conveyed messages through skilfully employed epigraphy and poetic interpretations leave ironic effect and make it more fun than its aesthetic value. Such interpretations enable one to become detective with most interesting analysis of cultural beliefs, taboos, traditions and values. Unquestionably truck art as popular culture plays an active role in communication and is a strong medium of expression.

Keywords: Trucks, Epigraphy, Metaphors, Craft works, Ornamentation, Popular culture.



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