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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Impact of Waste Water on River Kathajodi for the Year 2009-10

Pages : 341-350

Author : G. Sunpriya Achary, Saswat Kumar Mohanty and Ramakanta Sahoo

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A study was carried out to evaluate the impact of domestic waste generated from Cuttack city on river Kathajodi. Grab samples were collected in three seasons for two consecutive years both at upstream and at downstream. The results obtained in different seasons has been compared graphically. From analysis it was observed that almost all parameters are in increasing trend ( except DO) towards D/S. The stations located upstream of the river was found to be less polluted but the contamination of the river starts from downstream near Govt press due to dumping of waste and waste water. The water of the river assumed a dark hue due to discharge of raw domestic sewage. The pollution load decreases towards the last patch of the river within the study area as a result of dilution. Quality rating for different parameters has been calculated. From that water quality index was found out and compared. It was concluded that due to domestic waste water discharge water quality of river Kathajodi is deteriorating and the results are not meeting the prescribed standard for drinking water under class-C. .

Keywords:Waste water, Water quality





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