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Article Published In Vol.10 (Jan-Feb 2022)

Implementation of MPPT Based SEPI (Single Ended Primary Inductance) Converter Using Perturb and Observe Algorithm

Pages : 34-38, DOI:

Author : Muhammad Salman Yousaf, Bilal Shabbir, Kamran Khan and Muhammad Ahsan Niazi

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The single ended primary inductance (SEPI) converter topology performs operation like buck-boost converter but with no reversal of polarity and no electrical stress on components. Input voltages of SEPI converter are kept 20 volts and maintained a constant voltage of 12V at output side. This converter circuit is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK using perturb and observe and observe algorithm for maximum power point tracking and hardware implementation is also carried out by choosing appropriate values of electronic components. It reduces the ripples of input current. The system is also able to work on different loads with different values of operating voltages up to 30V.

Keywords: SEPI Converter, Buck-Boost, Ripples.



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