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Article Published In Vol.11 (July-Aug 2023)

Improving Linguistic Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence of Trilogi University Students through Online Learning using Breakout Room Menu in Zoom Application

Pages : 350-355, DOI:

Author : Satriyani, Febrianti Yuli

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The purpose of this study is to explain that by applying online learning using the breakout room menu on the zoom application, it can increase linguistic intelligence and interpersonal intelligence of 2nd semester students of the Trilogi University elementary school teacher education study program. This research was conducted in the course of the development of the characteristics of elementary school students with research subjects totaling 17 heterogeneous students. The type of research used is classroom action research. The research consisted of two cycles. Each cycle has four stages, namely, planning, implementation, observation and reflection. In the second cycle, innovation was carried out in the form of applying the break out room menu to learning. Data collection was carried out using observation, interview, documentation and questionnaire methods. The results of the study showed that the increase in students’ linguistic intelligence was evident from the increase in student activeness in raising questions increased by 75%, student activeness in answering questions increased by 94%. In addition, the ability of students to convey the conclusion of learning outcomes increased by 100%. What is more, the increase in students’ interpersonal intelligence through group assignments with the breakout room menu makes students more open and actively participate in their groups to express their opinions, and improve friendships among fellow students. It can be concluded that the application of online learning using the breakout room menu in the zoom application can effectively improve students’ interpersonal intelligence and linguistic intelligence. Another advantage of this learning process is that it is more efficient in terms of operational costs and time, because students do not need to go to campus and can learn from anywhere. In addition, lecture activities are also recorded, so they can be studied repeatedly according to student needs.

Keywords: linguistic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, online learning, zoom application



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