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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

In Silico Design of Epitope Based Peptide Vaccine against Virulent Strains of (HN)-Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) in Poultry Species

Pages : 868-878

Author : Marwa Mohamed Osman, Ezdihar Elhadi ElAmin, Mosab Yahya Al-Nour, Salma Sleak Alam, Rayan Sidig Adam, Alaa Abdelrhman Ahmed, Ahmed Abubakar Elsayed , Mohamed Hamid Abdalla & Mohamed Ahmed Salih

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Newcastle disease virus (NDV) belong to the family Paramyxoviridae. It causes Newcastle disease, mainly by the virulent strains of avian paramyxovirus serotype-1 (AMPV-1). This virus represents a huge problem on the world’s economy than any other animal virus, especially in developed countries. ND infection is not obstructed and many studies have attributed the spread of the disease to changes in the genome of the virus and emersion to new strains. We aimed to design a peptide vaccine for NDV particularly for the haemagglutininneuraminidase protein (HN) using computational methods to predict epitopes inducing immune system and can be used later to create a new peptide vaccine could replace conventional vaccines. A total of available 60 virulent strains of HN- NDV were retrieved from NCBI for bioinformatics analysis using Immune Epitope Data Base (IEDB) to predict B and T cells Epitopes. We used human MHC class I and II alleles in this study due to the difficulty to determine MHC B complex alleles in Poultry. Then we docked the best predicted CTL epitopes with B-F alleles (BF2*2101 and BF2*0401). Four CTL cell epitopes namely (548ISNTLFGEF556, 546AEISNTLFG554, 88VALESPLAL96 and 526YTTSTCFKV534) interacted with MHC class (B-F) I alleles and we suggested them to become universal peptides based vaccine against NDV. We found these CTL epitopes to be T helper epitopes also. The overlapping between MHC class I (B-F) and (B-L) II T cell epitopes suggesting the possibility of antigen presentation to immune cells via both MHC class I and II pathways especially the overlapping between 548ISNTLFGEF556 and 546AEISNTLFG554. We considered this study distinctive because no research ever dealt with peptide based vaccine on virulent strains of NDV using in silico approach.

Keyword: Newcastle disease virus (NDV), poultry, MHC B complex and vaccine.



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