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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

In Vitro effect of plants hormones on seeds germination and callus induction of four Eggplants cultivars (Solanum melongena.L)

Pages : 823-826

Author : Jaafar. Ziadoon.M,El –Kaaby Ekhlas A.J, Mouhamad.Raghad S, AI-Anny Jenan. A&, Hasan.H.K and Mousa.Rasha.A

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An efficient protocol for seeds germination, callus induction and plant regeneration from different seedling explants of four eggplants cultivars (ПОТЕХА,КУЛОН ,ЧЁРНЫЙКРАСАВЕЦ, and ДЛИННЫЙ ПУРПУРНЫЙ) was developed using different combination of plant growth hormones vis. Gibbererllic acid (GA3), 6-Benzyl amino purine(BA), Kinetin (Kint) and Indol acetic acid (IAA).The results reveal different responses among the different explants and cultivars.6mg.l-1of GA3 was found ideal for seed germination percentage and seedling develop into normal shoots. MS or (M2) medium was found best for callus induction identically from shoot tips, hypocotyls, cotyledon leaves and roots of all eggplant cultivars tested. While M1 medium exhibiting different response to callogenesis Further more; the exhibiting variation among different explants could be useful as somaclonal variation for improving eggplant.

Keywords: Solanum melongena, In Vitro, callus,GA3 ,explants



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