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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Influence of Career Self-Efficacy on Career Exploration among Senior High School Students in Relation to Gender

Pages : 849-856, DOI:

Author : Mavis Brew and Ernest I. D. Ngman-Wara

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The study sought to identify the various ways through which senior high school students in the Effutu Municipality explore existing careers. Also, the study sought to find out gender differences in career exploration level and career self-efficacy levels among students. Survey research design was used for the study. Data for the study were collected from 273 (145 male and 128 female) senior high school students, selected from three mixed schools. Two questionnaires were developed for the study to seek information on career exploration practices, students’ career exploration level, and career self-efficacy level. Descriptive and correlational statistics were used to analyse the data. Respondents’ scores on questionnaire were organized descriptively into frequency counts and percentages. The results of the descriptive analysis showed that the main career exploration practice the students engaged in was field trip. Results of correlational statistics indicated that female and male students had a higher career exploration level and higher career self-efficacy level respectively. The study concluded that the students were not exposed to other exploration practices to enable them settle on appropriate career choices. It was recommended that school counsellors should consider other practices that involve when designing career exploration programmes to assist students explore existing careers.

Keywords: Career choices, self-efficacy, carer exploration, gender, senior high school, students



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