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Article Published In Vol.8 (March-April-2020)

Influence of Interactions of Microbiota Representatives Occurring in the Grain Agro-Coenosis on Infection Amount in the Soil

Pages : 215-219, DOI:

Author : N.S.Khaytbayeva, M.M.Ergashev, Sh.Sh. Axmedjanov, G.K.Reypova and M.A.Sattarova

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Interaction influences of endophyte fungi living in the soil were studied in the article. At this, antagonistic properties of 5 active stocks of fungus Trichoderma viride in regard of 14 species of fungi belonging to fungi Fusarium classes were investigated. 5 score scale was used in the evaluation of antagonistic property of fungus Trichoderma viride. The more active strains have been determined through planting of fungi on the two sides of Chapek feeding medium in the Petri dish and measuring the diameters of their colonies in 5 and in 10 days after planting. The strongly antagonistic properties of 3, 4 and 5 strains of fungus Trichoderma viride in regard of fungi Fusarium classes were identified in the result of researches.

Keywords: Trichoderma viride, Fusarium, antagonistic, endophyte, phyto -pathogen, microorganism, fungus, strain



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