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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Influence of Intervention and Intelligence Methods to Ability Centralization Attention Child ADHD in Inclusive Basic School

Pages : 714-718, DOI:

Author : Endang Sutisnowati, Martini Jamaris and Mulyono Abudurrahman

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This study aims to find out empirical data about differences in focusing ability of ADHD children who get treatment with Back in Control method and Lovaas method by taking into account the intelligence of students in class, 1 and 2 of inclusive primary school of Tangerang. This research uses experimental method, 2×2 factorial design, and determination of sample using nonprobability sampling technique, with purposive sampling. The results of this study conclude that there is an influence of intervention methods on attention concentration ability of ADHD children, there is influence of intelligence level to focus attention ability of ADHD child, and there is interaction between intervention method and intelligence with focus ability of ADHD child attention. Based on the results of the third hypothesis testing proved to be the interaction between Back in Control intervention method, Lovaas and intelligence to focus attention ability of ADHD children it was concluded for that analysis continued with Tukey test, which concluded that children with high intelligence ADHD better ability attention when treated with Back in Control method compared with Lovaas method treatment. ADHD children, who have low intelligence better concentration ability by using treatment method of Lovaas, are compared to treatment with Back in Control method. There is a difference in focusing ability between high intelligence ADHD and low intelligence on the application of Back in Control method. High-intelligence ADHD children are better at focusing attention than low-intelligence ADHD children. There is a difference in focusing ability between ADHD children with high intelligence and low intelligence on the application of Lovaas method. Back in Control method is better applied to speak introverted extrovert students in the application for high-intelligence ADHD children.

Keywords: Intervention Method, Intelligence, Concentration



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