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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Influence of Organizational Culture on the Implementation of Strategic Plans among Commercial Banks in Kenya: A Case Study of Co-Operative Bank of Kenya

Pages : 936-943

Author : Jackline Akoth Odero and Dr.Mbithi Shedrack Mutua

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This study examined the influence of organizational culture on the implementation of strategic plans among commercial banks in Kenya: A case study of Co-operative bank of Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design covering a sample of 252 respondents drawn from 715 employees of Co-operative Bank branches within Nairobi County. Stratified and simple random techniques were adopted. Data was collected by use of questionnaires and was later analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis tools. According to the study findings, organizational culture was found to be strongly correlated to implementation of strategic plans and was significant (r=0.813; p<0.01).The study recommends that team work should be encouraged so as to enable staff to support each other and to share ideas as this may foster implementation of strategic plans. Further organizational culture should be compatible with strategy so as to reduce chances of resistance as when culture influences the actions of the employees to support current strategy, implementation is strengthened.

Keywords: Implementation of strategic plan, organizational culture, strategic plan



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