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Article Published In Vol.10 (March-April 2022)

Informal interior architecture: The Inspiration of Light and Shadow and Biomimetic Methods in Informal Interior Architecture

Pages : 117-123, DOI:

Author : Dr.Nohad Tofaily

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The importance of this research is to study the light and shadow to be implemented by the architect’s interior designs through biomimetic methods in order to make it unique. this is used to captivate or grab the attention of the receiver to the interior spaces and its expressions in architecture, which shows the importance of this architectural phenomena from various aspects: stylistic, technical and analytical. it is considered that light and shadow make an architectural project unique due to its effective light by reshaping the elements of light and shadow, representing a dynamic creative mage wishing the interior architecture scene. the research also presents a novel biomimetic design method for transferring design solutions from nature to technology, as it focuses on structure-function patterns in nature and advanced modelling tools. where it focuses on biomimetic characteristics, stages and main challenges.

Keywords: Informal, Interior design, shadow, Light, biomimetic methods, Interior architecture space



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