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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Inheritance and marriage of Conjoined Twins in the light of medicine and religion Contemporary Juristic Study

Pages : 400-405, DOI:

Author : Adel.E.M.Elsawy

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The need of people in general and judges in particular to know the Ruling of sharee’ah in such contemporary medical issues, because of its great association of the reality of the judiciary, which reflects on the importance of the subject for its close contact with people life and possibility of occurrence between them, explore the importance of the Interface studies with the necessity of linking medicine and religion with regard to the issues of the body to reach the correct Islamic rule, the explore that Islam is a real and integrated religion that looks at the reality of people and regulates it, especially with regard to the preservation of their rights and duties and to explore that Islam has a clear fingerprint when give the human soul more care and attention, ensured its sanctity of the human soul is great and obligatory attention to them even with different races and heterogeneity types and color differences , providing the Islamic library with something new of authenticity. The collection of various issues related to the subject of research contribute to the construction of the jurisprudence of contemporary issues, So the research is characterized by modernity and address the issues of reality, which are the two qualities sought in contemporary research.

Keywords: Conjoined Twins, Inheritance, Marriage, Religion, Contemporary Juristic



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