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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

Intelligent Anti-Theft Car Security System based on Arduino and GSM Network

Pages : 538-541

Author : Najmadin Wahid Boskany and Ranjdar M. Abdullah

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Nowadays, car thieves are becoming more organized and advanced, existing in parking garages at home, office, building and store. The security system thus will need to be more advanced than currently have been embedded in the private and public cars. In this paper, designing a low cost and an efficient anti-theft security circuit based on an Arduino microcontroller is proposed. The system can be fixed as a backup plan inside the vehicles to prevent them from being stolen by thieves. The system has the capability of locking the doors and the ignition system of the vehicle and at the same time notifies the owners of the vehicle through a GSM network with an SMS alert message.

Keywords: Network Communications, Electronic Circuit, Automatic Control, Arduino Microcontroller, GSM Shield, Bipolar Transistors.




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