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Article Published In Vol.2 (Sept-Oct-2014)

Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault Diagnosis using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Interface System

Pages : 915-918

Author : Sindu.P, Aarthi, Aravinth. and Raj Thilak.K

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Because of its robustness and low maintenance Induction motors have found many applications in various industries. The Induction motors are used for various control process in industries. And they are about to operate in different environmental conditions. These different operating conditions may cause various stress factors on the windings of the Induction motor. And which in turn causes short circuit faults in the motor. In this paper the short circuit faults are identified using adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface system (ANFIS).

Keywords: Induction motor, Stator short circuit faults, ANFIS.






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