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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Inverse the Decivilizing of the Civilization

Pages : 784-798

Author : Prantosh Das Gupta

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The World, mainly due to Encroaching & Dominating Multi -facet Politics & Isms galore, Policies of Political Economy exacerbated by Numerous pockets of Counter Productive Systems with prosperous Middlemen, Well- fed, Secured & ever mounting Talkers, Opportunism, Selfishness, Misuses & Wastage, has been shrinking, while half the population,-including One billion Children, is living in an environment of Slow Deaths due to Starvation, Poverty, & Utter Helplessness, and ‘the growing inequality between and within Nations shows no sign of abating’. Never in the history, the Humanity has been threatened with so much of Professionalism, Sophistry, Acrimony, Noises, Polarizations, Disorders, Disintegration, Bloodshed, Volatility, and alarming Eco-Destructions, requiring redressing of the entire structure. With the Propounds Logically innovated, Large scale Reforms of the Vital Areas those affect the Policies & Structure of the Politics, Political Economy, Government, Business, et al & Our Life & Living World over, have been suggested, so as to evolve a Pleasant, Peaceful, Rational, Productive, & Ethical Humane & Symbiotic World, and an Assurance for the Progeny. Of course, there would be oppositions from all those Counter productive Professionals, as happened in the history of Civilization, who have been enjoying Command & Prosperity, t by manipulations & maneuverings.

Keywords: Decivilizing, Professionalism etc.






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