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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Investigating the relevance of ESP (English for Specific Purpose) for TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Colleges in Ethiopia

Pages : 79-87

Author : Ahmed Ali (MA TEFL), Berhanu Firissa (MA TEFL), and Ayele Legesse (MA TEFL)

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This study is mainly conducted to investigate the relevance of ESP (English for Specific Purpose) for TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Colleges. The research, therefore, asked the following basic research questions: Is ESP relevant for TVET trainers? What are the rationales for English courses to be omitted from training curriculum? What measures are to be taken to prepare ESP for TVET trainees? And How much is the need of trainees, trainers and training coordinators exists or English Course to be offered in TVET institutes? To find out the answers for these research questions trainers, trainees, and training coordinators of TVET Colleges and poly-technique institutions in the selected region (Oromia) and the training coordinators at regional and federal levels are selected as target population of the study. Questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were employed to gather data from the target population. Finally, the following were found out: it is very essential to review the existing outcome based curriculum in relation to relevance of English Language which is important during and after training. Besides, creating awareness of implementers on any paradigm shift especially of training curriculum is paramount necessary in the way that all can understand the merits and demerits of ongoing program. This helps bring solution for gap created. Likewise, as the recent TVET program entails global competency of the training standards as well as the intelligibility of respective trained manpower through this program, the introduction of ESP (English for Specific Purpose) becomes an unquestionable agendum.

Keywords: ESP, Vocational, technical etc.



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