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Article Published In Vol.5 (March-April-2017)

Job Stress of Candidates during Recruitment and Selection Process-A Study on Private Sector

Pages : 387-392

Author : Samreen Uzair, Kulsoom Kanwal and Urooj Arshad

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The purpose of the research is to analyze the job stress of candidates during recruitment and selection process in private sector of Karachi, Pakistan. Those candidates who are applying for a new job in different organizations are become stressful from the selection process. This study also focuses on that how candidates cope up their stress during recruitment and selection process to achieve their goals. The sample size which we take is of 25 candidates from whom we get result through questionnaire about the job stress of candidates in the process of recruitment and selection. This paper is based on quantitative technique in which we come up with the graphical representation. The result shows that majority of candidates take job stress and looses their confidence level during the recruitment and selection process.

Keywords: Recruitment and selection and job stress



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