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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Lipid Profile Alteration and Atherogenic Indices in Patients with DMII

Pages : 1003-1006

Author : Ahmed Ghazi Sabbar Al-Qaicy

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Dyslipidemia is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease in diabetes mellitus. Diabetic’s patients have a type of dyslipidemia that is related to insulin resistance. This profile is consisting with decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL), increased triglycerides, slightly increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and LDL particles that are smaller and denser. Aim of the paper work was to verify and document, role and correlation of lipid disorders (dyslipidemia) and hyperglycemia in the pace of progress and the appearance of cardiovascular diseases in patients with Diabetes Mellitus type2. The present work included; one hundred forty eight patients with diabetes mellitus type2, were enrolled in this retrospective, cross-sectional study, who included (72 male and 76 female) aged (25-64 years).Total cholesterol were more than 200mg/dl in more than 50% of studied patients, while HDL less than 40mg/dl in 68.3% patients, whereas LDL level greater than 100mg/dl in 63.5% of patients. Triglyceride level was higher than 140mg/dl in 51.4% of all patients. Diabetic female had higher plasma cholesterol and lower plasma HDL in comparison with male, whereas LDL and triglyceride were significantly increase compared with male. AIP of both male and female were higher than normal value. CRC and AC of both genders were greater than normal value, although atherogenic indices of female were higher than that for male.

Keywords: DMII, atherogenic indices, lipid profile




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