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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

Managing Talent in the Modern Business World

Pages : 1199-1203

Author : Ms. Florin Shelomith Soans, M.A., M.Phil, (Ph.D)

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In the modern business world “Talent management” is the systematic effort to recruit, develop and retain highly productive and promotable people. The term has been analyzed very thoroughly by scholars like Rothwell and Kazanas. The analysis of this has come a long way and has advanced to an extent where it’s role in the corporate world today is indispensable. It’s partly the reason behind the success of many firms as it’s bearing on personnel management has been immense to manage the talent and because of it how its contributing towards the growth of human resource and how its leading to a kind of vicious circle and finally reaching the growth of overall development. With this background the main objectives of the paper is like To review the concept of “Managing talent”, To examine the techniques implemented by companies for effective talent management, To analyze how firms can adapt and improve on managing talent at Dakshina Kannada. This research paper will be analyzed with the help of making use of both the primary and secondary data so that the objectives given above are justified. For the secondary source available literatures will be made use and for primary data survey will be undertaken in Dakshina Kannada. So that an interpretation of how firms manage the talent of the existing employees, explaining how managing talent affects the performance of companies.

Keywords: Managing talent, Modern Business, Effective management




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