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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Manipulation of Fractured Nasal Bones under Local Anesthesia, its Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

Pages : 1321-1323, DOI:

Author : Dr Sajjad Halboos AL-Mansoori

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The nose is the most prominent structure in human face, making it more susceptible to trauma which may reach 39% of all facial injuries. Although fracture nose is a common surgical problem, very few studies are conducted in Iraq on it. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of local anesthesia in fracture nose manipulation and to assess the degree of patient’s satisfaction from the functional and esthetic point of view. The majority of patients attended ENT department were males (68.5%) lying in the age group between 21 – 30 years and the reason for their injuries were assaults. Waiting for complete resolution of edema will result in less complications such as bleeding and pain sensation during fracture reduction. Fracture nose manipulation under local anesthesia gives high degree of satisfaction both for the functional (83.3%) and esthetic (88.9%) point of view, so this procedure can be recommended in ENT clinical practice in the view of these results as it is more safe, time saving and cost effective.

Keywords: Fractured Nasal Bones, Patient Satisfaction etc.



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