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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

Mapping of Wind Resources in different Geographical regions of Togo for 10m and 80m agl

Pages : 800-804

Author : Samah Bawong Tchodou, Dr. P. Kanagavel and S. Mary Rexline

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Togo is having around 232.5MW [1] of power-installed capacity from different sources and importing about 85% of its power requirement from neighboring countries (2015) [2]. As of July 2017, no wind turbine installation existed in Togo. Current Global wind energy installed capacity is 486.8GW [3]. It is right time for Togo to go for energy production from wind, which is clean and green source of power and wind resource assessment is the precursor for wind farm development, which has not been studied till now. This paper aims to showcase a study and evaluation of the wind energy potential of Togo at 10m and 80m and develop initial Wind Resource Map for the country. As per the study of IRENA [4], Annual average wind speed of Togo is ranging from 2.35-5.67 m/s at 80m and 2.3-5.46 m/s at 10m agl. More than 34226.66 Km², that is, 60.47% of the area of Togo, corresponds to areas where the average annual wind speed at 10m agl is between 3.5-5.5 m/s. The study demonstrates that 60.47% of Togo’s total area is eligible for small wind turbine installation. However, the wind speeds allow for large wind turbines installation in approximately 2% of the country’s available land.

Keywords: Wind potential, Togo Wind resource Map, Wind energy.



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