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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Mathematical Investigation and Modeling of Pressure and Temperature Variation Inside a Si Engine

Pages : 735-739

Author : Akshay Gupta, Gandhi Amarnadh T, Aman Rajesh Thakkar

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Studying various parameters of an engine through experimentation consumes lot of time and funds. By devising ways to simulate the engine and virtually test the performance of the output parameters leads to resource saving. In this work a four stroke SI engine has been modelled on grounds of various established mathematical theories and by referring previous research. The paper investigates the pressure and temperature variation inside an SI engine at compression and combustion phases with respect to the crack rotation at a constant speed, considering the variation of properties with temperature, all this done to proximate the real processes.

Keywords: Combustion Process, Modeling, Simulation, SI Engine, Crank





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