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Article Published In Vol.4 (March-April-2016)

Mathematical Modelling of Thin Layer Solar Drying of Fish (Bagrusbayad)

Pages : 260-264

Author : Abdel Moneim Osman A. Babiker, Omer E.M. Osman, Mohammed M. Bukhari, Eman Abdu Abdalla, Jamal Nourain Ibrahim and Waleed Aboshora

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Solar drying experiments in thin layer of fish were conducted in Shambat, Sudan. A natural convective solar dryer consisting of solar collector (air heater) with air duct and drying chamber was used in the experiments. Resulted heated air was passed through a thin layer of fish. The changes in the mass of fish and principal drying parameters were recorded continuously every one hour interval from morning to evening in each test day. Drying curves obtained from experimental data were fitted to a number of mathematical models and the effect of drying air temperature and relative humidity on model constants and coefficients were evaluated by the regression analysis and compared to previously given models. The Lewis drying model was found to be satisfactorily describing solar drying curves of fish with a correlation coefficient (R2) of 0.9827

Keywords: Solar dryer; Fish; Mathematical models, drying curves.




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