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Article Published In Vol.2 (Sept-Oct-2014)

Measurements of Air & Noise Pollutants

Pages : 944-949

Author : Maaz Ahmed Khan, Shahzad Nasim and Sarwar Wasi

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Environmental issues in Pakistan threaten the population’s physical situation and have been upsetting the equilibrium linking financial progress and ecological safety. Environment is now becoming a real threat for our exports and we should solve this issue immediately. We must try to enforce the environmental regulation policies and self- monitoring system. Pollutants Calculator is a pollution monitoring system that monitors and records the pollution and provides preventive measures and solutions accordingly. It is a safety program that provides an overview about the major pollutants of environmental pollution. Pollutants Calculator contains pollution meter which receives the values for pollutants and calculates the average pollution, and displays the levels of health concern with different color codes according to the average calculated value of pollution at any time. Pollutants Calculator comprises of Desktop Application, Mobile Application and Website. The website delivers detailed understanding and awareness for various kinds of environmental pollution and their adverse effects on the living things (human, flora and fauna), non-living things (buildings, stone materials and monuments) and the eco-system

Keywords: Pollutants Calculator, Pollution, Pollutants.





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