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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Mechanical and Wear Properties of Carburized Low Carbon Steel Samples

Pages : 109-112

Author : Rashmi Ranjan Panda, Dr.A.M Mohanty, D.K Mohanta

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The heat treatment and carburization is used to improve the mechanical and wear properties of different metals and alloys. The mechanical and wear properties of mild steels were found to be strongly influenced by the process of carburization. The experimental results also shows that the mild steels carburized under different temperatures (8500C, 9000 C and 9500C) out of which the mild steels carburized at the temperature of 9500C gives the best results for the different kinds of mechanical and wear properties because at this temperature it gives highest tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance, so it must be preferred for the required applications.

Keywords: Mechanical properties, Wear properties, low carbon steel, carburization etc.







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