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Article Published In Vol.1 (Jul-Aug-2013)

Mechanical properties for unsaturated polyester reinforcement by glass fiber using ultrasonic technique

Pages : 1-4

Author : Mohammad H.Al-Maamori, Rusul M. Abd Alradha ,Ali I. Al-Mosawi

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In this study, the unsaturated polyester (UP) composite resin was used for binding the reinforcement such as glass fibers (GF) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) powder.Some mechanical properties of polymer composite have been investigated, by ultrasonic techniqueat 26 KHz, these properties are density, ultrasonic velocity, shear modulus, passion’s ratio and elasticity modulus.Results show that all these propertieswere increase with increasing the concentration of GF% in the composite expect elasticity modulus and passion ratio decreasing.As passion’s ratio is decrease until reaching 15%GF ratio where no further decrease occurs with increasing GF ratio.

Keywords: Unsaturated polyester, glass Fiber, PVC powder, Ultrasonic wave.






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