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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Methodological Background in Teacher Discourse

Pages : 703-706

Author : Maliheh Yazdfazeli and Daniel Maleckzadeh

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This article aimed at investigating the relationship between teacher discourse and learners’ achievement in higher education using teaching methodology. We found out that most teachers used action verbs which were related to concrete end of the taxonomy regardless of the students’ level of proficiency and their cognitive state. The findings of this study made it clear that in observed classes: a) there was little congruency between teachers’ discourse and students’ proficiency level; b) teacher discourse was so limited cognitively and was incapable to target higher-level thinking processes which are placed in more abstract parts in Bloom’s taxonomy; and c) higher-level thinking processes were to a great extent dependent on teachers’ knowledge.

Keywords: Teacher discourse, teaching methodology, paradigm.





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